Glover Road Massage Theraphy Clinic

Emily Halliday , RMT


College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMTBC)


Emily graduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in New Westminster, April of 2015. Her interest in massage therapy started when she was in high school while looking for careers in the health industry. She started with a multidisciplinary clinic working with a variety of physical practices where she decided Massage Therapy would be the avenue she wanted to follow. Working at the clinic gave her an appreciation of the aches and pains felt while working a desk job and has since discovered how much massage can help with the associated headaches and shoulder stiffness. Emily has taken a variety of continuing education courses over the last few years, primarily focusing around women’s and children’s health. She specifically has taken an interest in pre/postnatal courses, caesarian section scar treatments, learning about the pelvic floor physio career and when to incorporate them in a circle of care, infant and pediatric massage. Emily has gained a great appreciation for working in the field of pregnancy, gaining most of her experience through working with the clinical outreach at BC Women's Hospital. Emily's other preferred practice area is neck and head treatment. From headaches, migraines, whiplash and concussions Emily has spent countless hours working on these areas. Emily attends yearly symposiums on various topics such as how massage can relate to treatment. Her most memorable and influential symposium that she has attended was one focusing on mental health and massage back in 2017. Emily has set her career focus to using holistic approaches such as Swedish massage, fascial techniques, trigger point therapy, and mild joint play which helps bring people back to a point of optimal function. With her career focus, she has been able to help bring individuals back to their favorite activities which would not have been possible due to untreated pain, tightness or restrictions.

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